The Li+ group at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering focuses on ion insertion electrochemistry for energy and microelectronics. Ion insertion electrochemistry uses electrical current and voltage to dynamically tune the chemical and redox state of a material, such as from LiCoO2 to Li0.5CoO2, or from WO3 to H0.2WO3. We exploit ability to add and remove atoms from the host structure to store a high density of energy for batteries and to store a high density of information for redox memory. It also allows for dynamic, analogue, and non-volatile tuning of material properties using electrical controls. Our interdisciplinary approach combines electrochemistry with microfabrication to develop structures that elucidate materials and electrochemical properties as well as engineer novel devices and architectures.

There are multiple open positions. Prospective students should apply to a department at the University of Michigan and specify interest in this group in the statement of purpose. Admitted, enrolled, and current students are encouraged to contact Yiyang at the earliest convenience. Prospective postdoctoral scholars should email Yiyang directly at yiyangli@umich.edu. Please include a CV and a statement of purpose or research interests. Contact Yiyang for any questions, notes, or requests.