Jingxian and Jinhong win MRS Graduate Student Awards

Congratulations to Jingxian and Jinhong won the MRS Graduate Student Award at Fall MRS 2023 in Boston. Jingxian's research is on phase separation in resistive memory devices. Jinhong's research is on single-particle electrochemistry on battery materials. Jingxian and Jinhong launched the memory and battery research program in the Li+ group.

Congratulations to Riley on Winning the Best Paper Award for the Winter 2023 ME RISE Research Program (29-Sept-2023)

Riley's paper on Developing a Platform for Single-Particle Electrocatalyst Characterization was chosen as the winner of the Winter 2023 RISE Best Paper Award!

Welcome New Students: Sangyong, Po-Yu, Yerin, and Harshada (26-Sep-2023)

The Li+ group welcomes graduate students Sangyong Lee, Po-Yu Kung, Yerin Hong, and Harshada Suryawanshi. See their information on the "Members" page.

Jinhong's paper published in Energy and Environmental Sciences (1-Aug-2023)

Our group's first battery paper, led by Jinhong Min, is published in the journal Energy and Environmental Sciences. Michigan Engineering Press Release: 

Congratulations to graduates Laszlo Cline and Virgil Watkins (29-Apr-2023)

Laszlo and Virgil both received their BSE in Materials Science and Engineering. Virgil will be starting his PhD at MIT as a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, while Laszlo will be working at Argonne National Laboratory. Congratulations to both.

Virgil wins NSF Graduate Research Fellowship; his Unparalleled Performance highlighted by MSE Department

Big week for Virgil! On Monday, Mar 27, the MSE department has featured Virgil Watkins for his outstanding accomplishments in the classroom, gym, and the lab. On Wednesday, Mar 29, Virgil won the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations to Virgil for both achievements.

Our work highlighted by IEEE Spectrum (2-Dec-2022)

Dina Ginkina at IEEE Spectrum did a feature article on ECRAM that highlighted our group's work, especially the recent paper led by Diana. The title is "Computing With Chemicals Makes Faster, Leaner AI  Battery-inspired artificial synapses are gaining ground," which is strongly related to our research themes.

First Paper (15-Nov-2022)

Our group's first paper was published in Advanced Electronic Materials. Thanks to Diana, Virgil, Laszlo, and Jingxian to their contributions. Paper at

New Website Launched (21-Oct-2022)

Our new website has launched. Thanks to UM-Computer Science student Raj Mulherkar for designing this site.

Welcome New Students: Dongjae, Emily, Andrew, and Sabrina (1-Oct-2022)

The Li+ group welcomes graduate students Dongjae Shin, Emily MacInnis, Andrew Jalbert, and undergraduate student Sabrina Wong. See their information on the "Members" page.

Six members of current and former group members attend the International Meeting for Solid State Ionics-23 in Boston. Jingxian, Lindsay, Jinhong, and Yiyang gave talks, while Laszlo presented a poster. 

Our group has won the LG Energy Solution Battery Innovation Contest for our work on single-particle battery cycling. Thanks for Lindsay, Jinhong, and Brianna for contributing preliminary results. We look forward to working with the world’s second largest battery manufacturer to increase the impact of our research.