Major Equipment

We thank the University of Michigan College of Engineering for providing the funds for purchasing these instruments. As a token of our gratitude, all equipment can be used for an appropriate project by anyone at the University of Michigan, pending equipment availability. Please email Yiyang to discuss project needs and schedule training.

AJA DC/RF Sputtering System.jpeg

AJA Orion 8 DC/RF Sputter with 4 targets, 800C substrate heating, and control of Ar, O2, and 18O2 gas flow

Everbeing Environmental Probe Station.jpeg

Everbeing Environmental Probe Station (RT-600C)

Keithley Dual Source Measuring Unit.jpeg

Keithley 2604B Dual Source Measurement Unit

Nextron Compact Probe Station.jpeg

Nextron Compact Environmental Probe Station (RT-750C)

Tube Furnace 1400C.jpeg

Tube Furnace, 1400C, 3 Mass Flow Controllers (Ar, H2, O2)

Vacuum Oven.jpeg

Vacuum Oven (250C)

Argon Glovebox.jpeg

Vigor Four-Glove Argon Glovebox

Biologic VMP300 Potentiostat.jpeg

Bio-logic VMP300 Potentiostat with 8 Ultra Low Current DC/AC Channels.